Gluten free at Disneyland Paris

Having raved in my post about gluten free eating at Disney having had such a range of choice at Disneyworld it was now time to see how the French parks matched up.

Sadly they were a huge letdown. There is very little choice of gluten free, in the quick service restaurants you have to ask for the menu when you get to the counter where you order. They don’t have mobile ordering in France so you also end up queuing a long time.

We went to The Lucky Nugget for lunch and asked about gluten free, the dreaded folder came out that lists each item of food and what allergies it contains and you have to work your way down the columns to work out if what you wanted contained the allergen you were avoiding. The only things listed I could have were the chips and a chocolate sundae.

In the hotel bar at Sequoia Lodge we again asked about gluten free, they were more helpful and brought out a laminated sheet which showed gluten free options and where you could get them.

List of where you should get the gluten free meals
Gluten free menu choice

Interesting The Lucky Nugget was on the list but they didn’t offer us this menu. It is in itself a very limited menu and since coming back I have seen people post pictures online showing what is basically a microwave meal still in its plastic container. Apparently that is the only way DLP can serve allergen free food.

Hopefully by the time we go again things may have improved, I will take some snacks of my own as a backup but Disney do like to surprise people and hopefully DLP will catch up with it’s American counterparts on food for people with allergies.

TTFN, Titch

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