Travelling by car to Disneyland Paris

The day to drive to Dover has arrived, we are staying overnight near the ferry port then we are booked on the ferry to Calais tomorrow morning and like last time we are driving.

There are a few things you must have with you when driving in France, these are:

*Full and valid driving license
*Proof of insurance
*Two NF certified breathalysers (everything you read about whether you need these or not contradicts each other so best to take them just in case.
*Passport or national ID carD
* Hi-vis reflective jacket for all passengers – these must be in easy reach so not in the boot.
* Warning triangles
*Headlamp beam deflectors
*GB stocker (non EU-euro symbol number plates only)
*No speed camera detectors or sat-navs with camera locations – the fine if you get caught with this is very large.

We have all of these things (except the headlamp beam deflectors) in a bag that we keep in easy reach behind the drivers seat.

Once the UK has gone through the transition period of leaving the EU you will also need an International Driving Permit and your Insurance Green Card.

France has recently banned all hands free calling, so Bluetooth or hands free kits, and if you get caught on a phone call while behind the wheel you face a €135 fine.

If you are driving in central Paris you will need a pollution sticker, this clean air sticker will show how much you pollute the atmosphere.

Also be prepared to pay a fair amount for the tolls on the French motorways, while you may think you are paying a lot the condition of the roads are paid for by these tolls and they are in amazing condition.

Think that’s enough information for now, I’d better go and pack or we won’t be going anywhere.

TTFN, Titch

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