1 week (and a bit) in…

Hey Everybody… Beans here. Apologies for the slight delay in posts, but this has been caused by 2 things. One; we’ve been having too much fun and Two; doing this on an iPad touch screen is frustrating. I must get a keyboard!

Right, now the excuses are out of the way, let’s have a quick recap on the last few days. It won’t be very long, as I should’ve written this last night and we’ve got fastpasses soon!

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Beans’ Birthday

So the 16th of June equalled the big 38 for Beans.

For those of you that don’t know Beans, he doesn’t do birthdays.  He’s not fussed by cards, and to some extent gifts, and never really plans any way to celebrate!  

However this year was a year of firsts.  Maybe it was the thought of being in Walt Disney World, but Beans was actually excited about his birthday.  We had both  had a crazy couple of weeks leading up to our holiday, with both Beans and I away from home for work, and very little time at home to pack.  Because of this our packing was mostly carried out on our last weekend at home and at the last minute, whilst discussing our room, Beans decided he wanted some decoration in our room.

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We’re Here!

Hello Everyone. Welcome to Disnerdy!

We are Kit and Kirsty, otherwise known as Beans and Titch, (it’s a long story we’ll get into another time). We’re two massive Nerds from the UK with a passion for anything produced by the beloved House of Mouse. We’re hoping to be able to share news, reviews, tips and stuff we find fun regarding the many worlds that Disney create.

We’ll hopefully share blogs, vlogs, photos and articles from our holidays and hobbies that are fun, offer tips, tricks and suggestions for enhancing your Disney fun.

This is our first attempt at this sort of thing, so we’ll be learning as we go along. Please bear with us! We’ll also do a proper introduction soon. more posts should follow in the next few days, so keep your eyes peeled, and also keep and eye on Instagram @disnerdy.co.uk for pictures of our current trip.

Laters, Beans.